Mirror, mirror on the wall...

...tell us what lipstick colors should we choose for New Year's Eve party and further on during winter? That's the question we are about to figure out before the clock will bell the beginning of a new turn.
Let's have a look back at what designers think about this. Looks like Mischael Kors placed his bet on classics and natural look with nude lips and emphasized cheekbones. Saint Laurent, in turn, insisted their glam rock diva, or rebellious party queen, should highlight her lips with screaming shades or red. And we definitely can't deal without drama, according to Ashley Williams - here super dark lipstick is a must. 
Should you wish to look more into details? Then go ahead!

Nude as Nude

Nude colors always go well in case you want to maintain a more natural look. It's also good when you want to put the main emphasis on the eye zone. As if lips are there, but it's not what we see first. Nude shaded lipstick is perfect on everyday basis. And don't forget that nude shades differ just like skin colors. 

Bright Red

Bright red is a new red when it comes to lipstick. This season your lips can be as bright as possible. In other words, it should be screaming and a little bit provocative. In this case shades of bright red can also vary, so choose it accordingly. 

Deep Dark

Adding a bit of drama to your lips is also an option. You can go vamp-ish and use deep red, or wine shaded tone. Or you can go gothic and use more violet shades. It's up to you. But don't forget that there should be more drama in your appearance except for just deep dark lips.

Photo Courtesy: Vogue.frFashion Xe, Poise & Vogue, WMJ.ru