In the rays of warm autumn sun... 

Another throwback to an early autumn. When sun was yet shining through branches of gilded trees. When one could easily escape to a hidden place of a little Eastern European country. Where one could stroll along endless paths covered with unmade foliage. When everything was yet colorful, in slightly green, yellow and brown-ish shades rather than grey-shly dull. When one could easily trow on a leather trench, cropped pants, heels and just wander around revealing more and more facets of this beautiful world. Yes, that's the picture of a day of a late September somewhere around Jelgava...

My love towards a la suit combinations is not of a secret, right? I mean I don't really remember if I stated it, but numerous combinations like leather jacket - leather skirt in brown color or vertically striped blazer - pants one speak for themselves. I like building suit combinations on my own. I like combining matching pieces. Usually such 'fashion marriages' are based on similarity of fabrics or patterns (e.g. stripes). Yet this time it all started with color and brought together two completely contrasting fabrics - leather and wool. While light touches of pink came here as little refreshments. 

Now what I really remember saying is that culottes are going to be a hot trouser-piece throughout this Autumn/Winter season. And this is true. I also remember crying over the fact how badly I was looking forward for a much warmer weather to start wearing these green-ish culottes more often. I said it back in April. Guess what? More than half a year passed and I've only worn this culotte-piece once. Feeling pretty guilty now. Culottes, unlike my favorite black skinnies and flared pants, are not that easy to style. Especially if they are of deep green wool. As they say, it's better to do something rarely, but neatly. Maybe a lucky number three for culottes is coming in the next two winter months? New year, new ideas...

Look of the Day:
Janbell trench 
TOPSHOP culottes 
Aldo shoes 
Dzintars lipstick

Photo: T. Egorova