When Riga, Moscow and Penza meet... 

My love affair with the city of Moscow is a never ending story. And you so far know it all. I mean almost all. I had a chance to talk all about my different experiences during Moscow adventure back in October. I told you nearly everything about my favorite impressions of Russian fashion, or fashion in Russia. I told you quite a lot about my impressions of the city and its atmosphere, just a tiny bit about its scenery. I've also took you around an exclusive Moscow exhibition of Alexander McQueen clutches that I had a chance to pop in on one of those beautiful big city nights.

I've also mentioned a time or two about that open-heartiness and amiability of Russian people. You know I'm still wondering how easy it is for Russians to get that close in just such a short period of time. I mean it takes me months and ages to acknowledge how open can I be with this or that person. People from Russia are different. They don't mean to build that virtual castle wall between you and them, unless you want this wall to exist. What am I trying to say is that apart from all those experiences I also came across some pretty interesting personalities who taught me a lot in several days time.

You know there've been times when people connected to certain brands or media asked me questions on how bloggers communicate with each other and can they be friends being competitors at the same time... The thing is, you only have competition or competitors when there are certain points where your... style, marketing, business or whatever strategies intersect. I mean when you have something common within blogging. And about making friends in blogging, to me it's the same as everywhere else. You either find this personality being close to your or you don't. Personality either charms you and with time the bond gets stronger or it just doesn't work.

Meanwhile, Moscow brought me together with two brilliant blogger personalities. Anna (EnnFrancoSays.com) from Moscow, who happen to be my reader for quite some time now and it's super funny how I joined her team of readers around Summer not even knowing the previous statement yet, and Helena (Heleniv.ru) from Penza. Time passed by quite fast but it marked with beautiful time spent together by a cup of coffee after late runway show, lots of laughter, fun moments, gossips and these photos that turned to be filled more with real life rather than a twist of fashion. At the end of the day, bright memories are exactly what settles down in our minds forever, right?  

Photo: T. Egorova