Blurring lines between femininity and masculinity. 

Finally getting into festive season spirit. You know even though there's no snow here in a little Eastern European city of Riga, just rare fallouts that keep melting away hours after, and no store windows or Christmas markets can really bring you to this mood, I found a perfect way to set it myself. The key is pretty simple. No, it's not about gingerbread cookies or hot chocolate, mulled wine or first two series of Home Alone movie. Still all the mentioned above matter. But my personal way of getting into festive season mood is beloved red coat, especially when I'm on the go around grey streets of the city.

I do adore cozy-ing up in a cafe with a cup of favorite Latte. Just sit there, watch people passing by and let thoughts spin around my head. I also adore using well-known and newly discovered cafes as perfect spots for visual stories. One such place is a cafe/club called PIENS, in English - MILK. A quite atmospheric place with diverse yet home-like interiors, delicious Latte and cheesecakes. And a super cool outdoor terrace that is definitely more suitable for warm weather rather than cold winter days. Yet I doubt any of us would mind taking a cup of coffee and take a couple of minutes in fresh air observing people running errands down there, along nearby streets.

Meanwhile, today's outfit is all about slightest (or big) style changes that's been happening to me since these masculine shoes from joined my shoe collection. I love the edginess it adds to my outfits. And I totally love adding these masculine, or better say little androgynous, vibes to my appearance recently. Blurring these lines of gender difference seems to be quite natural. And feels like something I was lacking. Well, with arrival of the shoes in my fashion arsenal my interest in socks with cool, catch-y patterns doubled, or even tripled. I believe such kind of socks can become a perfect detail to bring your seasonal outfits to a whole new level.

Look of the Day:
Zara coat 
Lindex top 
Mango jeans 
Photo: T. Egorova