Girls just want to have some fun. 

There's never too much of Summer. That might be the most common answer in the streets of Riga (and Latvia actually) if one did undertake a special survey regarding the topic if the hottest season of the year should be officially prolonged. Jokes, jokes. We're, unfortunately, yet unable to regulate seasons and weather on that level. Maybe one day, somewhere out there in future, we'll have such a feature to change weather conditions manually. Something like, today I want some Miami-like sun, but on New Year's Eve I'm programming lots of snow. Yes, I'll better be dreaming more...

And as we can't turn Summer vibes on here, in Riga city, let's do it in digital terms and go back to sunny August and pretty much girl-y picnic in one of those little Eastern European parks. As they say, better late than never. So I kept holding this colorful and emotions-full story created by lovely photographer Julia Pivena for quite some time. I had this feeling that story will perfectly brighten up one of these dull freezing season days (despite the fact it's not that freezing yet). Don't know what you feel when looking through this visual story, but in my mind it sets a very pleasant, cheerful mood. And does bring back memories from that sunny and filled with delicious food picnic I shared with my Vika and Katushka.

Classy, American-style picnic, coordinated outfits (yes, because it matters) and my favorite Riga-based dark eyed - dark haired (now also red lip-ped) sandwich... What else is needed? Warm sun rays granted to us by almost sleepy Summer sun. Gorgeous flowers from favorite Ziedu Sēta. Picnic basket overfilled with delicious and healthy food, Nutella and waffles balanced by vegan sandwiches and fruits sounds pretty healthy, huh? And all of this topped up by biggest guilty pleasure of the day (weeks and months also) - Coke. No it's not a Cola promotion of any kind. We're just saying an old school glass bottles are a must for a very American picnic. A happy smile as well. Even a bigger one.

Photo: Julia Pivena