Festive mood is calling for it. 

It's this kind of season when we adore cozy-ing up at home after a very productive day in town. Just think about it... dim light, only Christmas tree is sparkling in full, Christmas socks are hung over the fireplace, you and your beloved ones are sitting in front of TV watching Kevin fighting against the Wet Bandits in Home Alone or Britain's Prime Minister finds out he's in love with a member of his household staff in Love Actually...
Sounds charming, right? Yet something seems to be missing. Something super delicious and warm. Something like a cup of hot chocolate. I believe it's a good way of highlighting end of December movie session. And today I got a little chocolaty recipe waiting for you, sweet tooth ones.

We take: 1/2 of milk. 100 g chocolate (bitter or milk one), 1-2 tbsp of potato starch - note that everything is calculated per cup
Process: Dilute starch in 1 cup of milk. Pour the rest of milk into a saucepan. Put it all over medium heat and add chocolate. Heat until chocolate is dissolved. Then add milk with starch and mix it all well. Heat until the mixture starts to thicken. Serve hot.
P. S. You can decorate it with cacao powder, marshmallows. whipped cream, chocolate sauce and so on. Let your imagination work it out.

Photo: A. Puzova