Double-ing fur layers for winter. 

December and the following several months are all about warming up from head to toes, right? Some of us are fine with multi layering. Like putting 10 different layers of turtlenecks, sweaters, shirts, blazers and topping it all with favorite classy or super fashionable coat of the season. Others instead of dressing up like a heavy cabbage, i. e. multi layering, prefer cozy-ing up in a fur with only like one additional layer - shirt, turtleneck or pullover - involved. Well, this is indeed my favorite option. Choice between natural and faux fur depends on a person. It's pretty much clear with outerwear. But what would you say about putting fur on your feet? I mean the outer of your winter booties.

I've come to such a theory that states a lady must have two types of shoes in her footwear collection - practical ones that will allow her be on the go, probably neutral colored, and chic, just a tiny bit funky, pair that can easily lift up ones mood. Besides being comfortable enough to walk miles in the chic-y funky shoes will never make you either look boring or feel bored. And Kittens boots by SAZ fit just this very case. These booties from the latest Autumn/Winter collection are literally to die for. It's made of three contrasting materials - fur, suede and wood - complemented by leopard print and bronze nails, and finished with popping blue color. My question is: what else a girl might need? Especially considering the fact Christmas and New Year are near at hand. Yes, you got me right. It's a little hint on what to get HER this festive season.

But don't think straightaway that such booties won't fit your wardrobe or daily outfits. These Kittens are daring enough and funky, that's true. But these fur-ry fashion pets don't necessarily need super trendy or creative supplements. If you want you can play around color blocking and mix some 2-3 colors together. If you don't then just stay on the safe side and have a go for black and white combination. Classics are always a rescue. Like in my case. To make SAZ Kittens booties stand out even more I mixed timeless white shirt and modern classics, i. e. black leather skinnies, together. Ultimate winter vibes and actual balance to this outfit were brought by a favorite faux fur jacket. One more thing. A wide-brim hat. A wide-brim hat that turned this fur-full outfit into a sort of a fashionable Puss in Boots. Puss in Boots from SAZ.

H&M fur 
H&M shirt 
Colloseum pants 
H&M rings

Photo: T. Egorova