Festive season ready yet? 

December just opened its doors. Winter officially started. It means we are just days away from Christmas and New Year's Eve. So it's high time to start thinking our holidays dresses over. Tick tock, tick tock...
Our festive season agenda is almost the same every single December. It surely includes pre-holiday parties at work among colleagues and like-minded personalities. I bet for such an occasion most of ladies are willing to pull something more interesting rather than a casual office look. Then comes Christmas that's usually well-spent in a circle of family and friends. It usually doesn't ask for an over glamorous outfit. 
What is going to ask for too much polished and posh look, especially for the upcoming year, is the New Year's Eve. As we know, according to Eastern calendar and beliefs, every single years has its own symbol. In 2016 it'll be a so-called fiery monkey. And this personality is looking forward to lots of fire-inspired colors and huge amount of shine, sequins and embellishment. You need to stand out.
But let's put all discussions aside and look inside the three holiday season occasions and what dress can we pull for each...

Office Party Classics

Pre-holiday office party. Should you wish to try something new apart from your daily office uniform? Don't go too far. Make a choice for a simple yet elegant dress and accessorize it well. Good accessorizing means interesting details and ideas, like pencil midi dress and masculine shoes. Or a crep dress in neutral color plus ankle boots in a more statement color and little elegant (or statement eye-catchy) bracelet. Such a styling will only help showing your elegance with a twist off to others.

Christmas Mixes

Christmas might be a more family kind of celebration, but doesn't mean you should stay casual or put on something boring. A simple dress can still be full of surprises and contrasts. Especially when it's accompanied by other contrasting details. So pick a dress that's made of different fabrics, colors or prints and pair it up with comfortable shoes, be it court ones or pointed toe ballerinas. Bag and jewelry doesn't necessarily need to match your overall look. It's all about mix'n'match.

New Year's Eve Flames

New Year's Eve. We have already identified above that a fiery monkey of the year 2016 is looking forward for something super interesting and eye-catchy. So forget about the golden rule - "Don't overdo it". Overdo it, but don't manage to look like a freak. Keep a little of elegance, grace and power in your look. And don't forget about excessive shine. It's New Year!

Photo Courtesy: Wonderland, Vogue Runway Prada Fall 2015, Vogue Runway Balenciaga Fall 2015, Vogue Runway Stella McCartney Fall 2015