Warming up for Winter 2015/2016.

Calendar Winter is already on the clock. It means it's high time to warm up by means of a massive real or faux fur, super thick wool coat or a puffer jacket. 
Gladly this season both fashion and designers prepared a lot of options for us. So when it comes to Winter outerwear it's all about 'according to ones taste and color'. Literally. Being a super essential part throughout Winter season, outerwear is always included in designer's Fall/Winter collections. Among those who pleased us with eye-catchy, worth investing and interesting pieces are Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton and Fendi - all of which brought quite a lot of fur styles to the runway. While Fendi and Celine had a little surprise for us, those who are having constant love affair with bed and duvets. Looks like we won't also do without bombastic colors and tricky prints, according to Roksanda
Feeling curious and can't wait to find out what to invest in? Then hop on the Trend Report tour!

Furry Fur

Fur coat is a big player of the season. Well, it always is, especially if you live in a country with super severe Winters. It can be either faux or genuine one (it can also be a vintage piece). Yet fashion advantage is on the faux fur side with Stella McCartney introducing lots of interesting options being made of substitute materials. Textures, lengths, colors, prints of your fur can be all different.   

Fuzzy Fur

Fuzzy fur yet goes under the fur kind of Winter outerwear, but it definitely should be mentioned separately. It does make you look like a teddy bear, and that's the point. Apart from being uber cozy and warm, fuzzy fur adds softness to your appearance. Something what most of us crave throughout festive season. It can be in color or neutral-ed and, of course, of genuine or faux fur.


At times it gets really hard to get out of the bed, dress up and head outside battle endless winds and colds. Well, thanks to one of the biggest Winter trends and especially Fendi and Celine you can now swap bed duvet for a 'duvet jacket' every single morning. But serious, puffer outerwear is back in fashion. And can be mixed with e-ve-ry thing. P. S. The more massive duvet-jacket the better.

Prints and Colorblocking

Colors and prints. In case you are no way going to look boring this Winter, then game of colors is just for you. It's welcomed everywhere, starting from classy straight line coats and finishing with fur and even puffers. It's time to expand your color blocking knowledge. And don't be afraid of looking like a town freak. We all are ones deep inside.

Photo Courtesy: Collage VintageI Want Your Style, The Fashion Heels, Flipboard, Stylesnooperdan