Cactus instead of a traditional Christmas tree. 

The last outfit story of the year 2015. Yet not the very last story of the year. I wanted to wrap up this lookbook of mine, or a gallery of my endless number of outfits, in quite an interesting, even slightly unusual way. In a way where you can find Mexican and Latvian vibes coming together. One would doubt if such a merge is even possible. But well, let me prove it is as one day after a little walk around Eastern European city you might end up in a very Mexican yard hidden right at the heart of Riga.

Mix of bright colors absolutely in everything - building exteriors, courtyard chairs and even flower pots - giant decorate cactus , little fake Christmas trees hung upside down... It all brings you to a very different festive experience. You know I even started wondering what New Year festivities feel like in Mexico. I mean I'm kind of a kid who grew up with an idea that NYE should always come with lots of snow. And the fact that over the past years snow has been bypassing our party keeps freaking me out. To me it feels like a part of this festive magic is gone. Is Latvian winter moving closer to Mexican one? Will we soon be decorating cactuses rather than Christmas trees? That's the question.

Wearing favorite Vans sneakers and keeping pants slightly rolled up in December is something totally unbelievable. Feels like good old December days back in London life. But to be honest, on the other hand I like the fact I can wear leather pants together with sneakers and faux fur jacket without thinking I'll freeze to death. I like the idea I don't need chunky sweater, huge scarf and fur hat to warm up. I can just put a veiled hat on (the one I fell in love while in Moscow), take a cup of favorite Latte on the go and hide away in a colorful Mexican corner. And by the time I finished writing this story, and it went live, the temperature dropped to minus degrees and ground outside the window got covered with a thin layer of snow...

Look of the Day:
Diva hat 
H&M faux fur 
Colloseum pants 
Vans shoes 
New Look bag

Photo: T. Egorova