City buried under the snow. 

Well, well, well. How is your winter going, digital minds? Quite freezing? I bet so. Here, in a little Eastern European city of Riga it's going pretty severe this time. Temperature keeps jumping up and down, while snow tends to cover just cleaned roads with new purely white layers. Yet even such tough winter conditions are not of a reason to put on a pause an already routine-ish process of street styled stories of mine. Time doesn't wait just like new ideas that keep coming to my mind. Obviously, these freezing conditions made me reduce the amount of work done outdoors, but the battle against winter is still on.

I believe it was around February last year when I was sincerely wondering how all those fashionistas were able to stay stylish during such a freezing New York Fashion Week. It was like minus how much (?) and those ladies were strolling through streets of Big Apple wearing court shoes with cropped pants, ankle boots with denim dress and short jacket (totally bare leg-ged), sandals with socks on, sneakers... and I was like - okay, I'm just gonna put that warm fur coat of mine and winter boots on, skip on several outdoor shoots and just use a car to get to a preferred destination point of a little Eastern European city. Year after I seem to kind of join this army of street style penguins. So it means you don't really take these crazy weather conditions that much serious when street style thing is more about driving own passion? 

But wait. What about adding a twist to ones winter outfit? We've already discussed this topic a couple of times, but it's the first time we came across two fashion, let's call it, elements at the same time, that are among my top favorites - red color and check pattern. I guess there's no need to speak for color red as it's been manifesting itself quite a lot on Practical Queen AP's pages throughout almost past 5 years. What about check patter? Well, we definitely saw me wearing it a couple of times, but still more checks are yet to come. I've been getting a little obsessed over this pattern lately by investing into various blazers and trousers. Oh if only I did find these pants earlier... if only I pulled this combination for Christmas... I could easily join the army of Santa's little dwarfs...

Look of the Day:
Zara coat 
vintage pants 
H&M skinny belt 
Centro booties 
Piazza Italia bag 
shahtoosh shawl 

Photo: T. Egorova