When no single word is needed. 

"Never say never" - is a kind of expression I keep referring to from time to time. Especially when it comes to pieces, styles, colors and other fashion stuff I'm not used to utilize. Have you ever experienced this kind of situation, when you say a tough 'No' to let's say flared pants and then months or years later you find yourself coming across this super fitting denim pair? Have you ever considered a piece will never ever suit you and then life proves your fashion state of mind being wrong? I had. And after failing like that a couple of times, I believe it was based on hats and sportswear-inspired stuff, I decided to never say never but rather keep trying and looking for that "perfect piece".

This "perfect piece" thing can be applied to a casual beanie hat. It literally took me ages to find a non pom pom beanie that could suit me. I tried out all different styles and colors but nothing seemed to work. I felt myself like a freak, funny freak. Then I just decided to center my attention on pom pom versions that add more tenderness to ones appearance. Still this passion for something edgy, casual and in the sense of 90's was living deep inside. A badass and rebellions side you say? Probably. I guess being born under Gemini sign I inherited different masks, or faces, I keep applying in terms of fashion. But wait, the point of it all is that I finally found this perfect piece. A beanie for a genuine dreamer. Well, it says it all.

Another fashion facet of mine includes timeless, casual classics with masculine touch. Something like these cropped pants in total black. The simple, the better as states Lidewij Edelkoort in her Anti_Fashion manifest (have you heard of it so far?). And in case we are speaking in more details about classic black pants, then it's definitely a must for a modern lady's wardrobe. Because when you get tired of dressing up, and I do reach this stage from time to time, you can easily incorporate such piece of pants with timeless white shirt and classic black blazer, thus forming a sort of a uniform dressing. You know, I feel like we are about to discuss Edelkoort's manifest and Matilda Kahl's uniform approach quite soon...

Meanwhile, let's go back to this rebellious yet feminine dreamer. A dreamer who declares that 'Love is possible'. A dreamer who doesn't need to use words to say it out loud. As it's written in her basics. Now who would have thought I would find a good old Istituto Marangoni canvas shopper bag, in which I used to carry university stuff just two years ago, that much useful? The best topping for this almost all black everything, apart from beloved faux fur jacket I can't get enough of, outfit. Viva la dreamers!

Look of the Day:
Terranova hat 
H&M fur 
H&M pants 
Miss Selfridge booties

Photo: T. Egorova