Hello from the other side. 

So here we go. A totally fresh chapter entitled "2016". How does it feel to turn to a totally blank page? No, no, no. There's no text on these pages yet. Why? Funny you. We're not talking about a book that's been written by someone else, like Pushkin or Galsworthy. We're talking about a book that we are writing ourselves. Word by word, line by line, chapter by chapter, volume by volume. We are entitled to write our own 'The Forsyte Saga', or whatever you want to name it. What I'm trying to say is that it's high time to start filling these blank pages in. There's no way we can skip to another page. Such a cliche thought, I know, I know.

Don't know how about you, but I'm kicking this year with a pleasant view. A pleasant view over the Old Town of Riga. Well, in this visual story it plays more a role of a background. Still it counts. I believe I've already said it a zillion times, but I adore overlooking the old part of the city. I love this meaningful picture filled with historic buildings and golden roosters that protect and decorate the city at the very same time. In every city I go I always tend to find a very special place, a spot where I can stay for hours long and just observe the city, its life. I tend to memorize the view and keep it deep inside my heart, so in case I can't be in this or that place physically at the moment, I can easily transfer my mind and soul there. Going back to a little Eastern European city, this is that kind of a place. 

About o'clock to give a start to a new gallery of outfits? I can't disagree. Specifically considering the fact I got something special today. The roots, or inspiration, of this outfit can be found somewhere around 1970's - 1980's, the exact vibes we've been seeing lately Olivier Rousteing doing for BALMAIN. Super wide leg pants, sensual top, belted waist and fur jacket - I was thrilled to pull such a combination together using more accessible, mass-market, pieces. I made the look more mine by simply adding a skinny scarf, that I tied in a vise versa way, as well as sprinkling glitter powder all over my head. Festive season made me go crazy over all that glitter stuff. It still doesn't seem to let me go.

H&M faux fur 
Marks & Spencer top 
H&M pants 
BALMAIN x H&M ring 
ACEVIVI (via DealSale app) eyeshadow set

Photo: T. Egorova