Layers on layers on 10 more layers. 

As the old Russian riddle states - one hundred coats but without buttons. In fashion terms it can easily describe our seasonal layering strategy. One thing, our hundred coats have all buttons in place.
January is about time for Winter to finally step in its own rights. Temperature keeps dropping down. Snow keeps covering the world. And nothing but severe layering can keep us warm. You'll say keeping one self warm is good, but how can we do it in style? Pretty simple. There are 3 easy layering tricks that can make you feel warm and stylish at the same time.
Let's check them out straightaway...

Coat on Coat

Depending on where you dwell at the moment - in a more severe place like Latvia or Russia, or somewhere around the United States' West coast - this option can be called 'Coat on Coat' either 'Trench on Trench', other variations and mixes are also appropriate. You simply put on two different, contrasting or more matching, coats together over a pair of flared pants and a sweater. 

Fur on Puffer

Two warm up clothing giants - fur coat and puffer jacket. An ultimate winning option in case you want to stay warm yet stylish while in a daily rush. Fur coat can be a faux one. Also either fur coat or puffer jacket can be replaced with a vest option. We have nothing against looking like giant yeti creatures, right?

Multi Layering

Super multi layering option. The 'hunder coats' one. Here we basically have, at least, 4 layers. A turtleneck and a coat are essential, while two (denim) shirts can be replaced with a shirt - blazer combination. A knit cardigan can also go well here. Because for multi layering the more is the better. Don't forget that.

Photo Courtesy:,, Harpers Bazaar, Sylvia Lienardo