And choosing personal favorites. 

First of all, it's time to reveal that secret project I was so amazed about back in late December. I am more than honored and super happy to join the team of CHOIES's fashion agents from around the world! Seriously, I could never imagine such a scenario. I was familiar with this online retail giant that specializes in fashionable pieces at more than affordable prices, but could never dare to think a sparkle of mutual fashion-love can be born between us that soon. Well, as they say, something uber interesting descends right at the moment when you are not aware. And here am I scrolling through store and looking for personal fashion favorites.

Speaking of my CHOIES favorites. Have to admit it took me quite some time to make a final choice. Too much good stuff is hidden along their digital pages and all sort of categories - starting from outerwear and finishing off with footwear. As I already indicated, after quite a serious fashion research that ended up with about 10 pieces being saved in my CHOIES wishlist I decided to start with 4 cool and different pieces. Two of which include the main characters of today - a patchwork A-line skirt and wool boater hat. An idea to combine the two in real life, I mean in one total outfit, came to straightaway. Plus both contain deep shade of blue, the kind of color I feel like falling for lately (its influence is also spotted in nail polish color, haha).

Many will scream I'm crazy enough to be walking like this around snow covered streets of a little Eastern European city. I can add a bit more drama to this picture and say that snowflakes were falling down and down and down right during the shoot. I might be crazy but I couldn't wait any longer for warm Spring-ish winds to step in. Thankfully, hosiery industry, I mean legwear one, helped me out to pull this feminine fashionista with vintage touch look by producing a big variety of density (ladies will understand). Plus we got here a vintage fur coat and turtleneck to keep me warm and 'triple chocolate' booties to emphasize the blocking game. What else a girl might need in Winter? Yes, a tiny bag. And natural look make-up. Because it's all about making CHOIES'es.

Oasis turtleneck 
Centro boots 
Sinsay bag

Photo: T. Egorova