Lips that become statement by disappearing. 

New make-up pieces always involve experimental time and discoveries of yet unknown brands and beauty tricks. Yes, am now speaking directly about Model Launcher Cosmetics I came across just few weeks ago while at Polhem PR Latvia Press Day. Afterwards came a personal testing process, well not really a testing as I started utilizing the duo straightaway, of two Model Launcher pieces - lipstick and lip liner. Am not sure if I ever mentioned it over the past 12 months, but I do feel kind of addicted to lipsticks, especially of totally different colors/shades. So now my collection consists of the main color direction - power red and wine shade, popping pink and darker shade, light beige and nearly nude, plus a more bronze/brown-ish shade.

This nearly nude-ish shade of Model Launcher's lipstick and lip liner duo is on the verge between nude and more brown-ish shade, as for me. Yet it perfectly suits for everyday basis and most importantly lasts quite for long leaving a pleasant feeling on ones lips. Looking forward to see confirmation? You've already seem the ML's couple in action in Dreamer story and are going to see it once again tomorrow in Checks in Red story. Oh, and did I mention that the two are perfect for leaving a little mark in ones mind? I mean postcard, of course.
P. S. And for those of you, who (just like me yet a couple of weeks ago) are not familiar with Model Launcher, go check their web page as apart from make-up products these guys do undertake various online modelling contests. I know, sounds pretty charming, right? Am having this huge desire myself to enter a few... apparently my height will not let me enter the fashion model one (sadly).


Photo: A. Puzova