Frost and sun... 

and a wonderful day. Here we go with the most proper Winter of them all. Everything covered with snow. A pretty huge layer of snow that turns your casual daily runs around a city into a real adventure somewhere around mount Everest. No really. The other week I was excavating a car from under a 'snow duvet' and at that moment I had a huge throwback to those childhood days and Winter seasons... when snowdrifts were higher than me. When me and brother used to spend most of our time sledding down and climbing up those mountains that now seem to be more like hills. When my main saviors were Winter overalls and gloves with string...

Yes, it's this kind of Winter when everything around is covered with snow that doesn't melt a day after. It's this kind of Winter when temperature drops down till like -20C. When you feel like covering yourself completely as your nose, cheeks and eyes freeze instantly. Meanwhile, this is a period when natural fur pieces and serious multi layering come forefront. Am begging a pardon in a face of all animal advocates, but nothing can save you from freezing better than a natural fur coat. Am not calling on anyone to rush into the nearest fur shop though. I'm just trying to say that after trying it all I found an enormous chunky fur coat of mine to be the best anti-freeze savior. Even though it makes me look like Chewbacca from Star Wars.

What about multi layering and the rest? In my own opinion, it works well when temperature is not that much low or ones busy schedule doesn't involve a lot of time spent in the streets of a city. If it comes to speaking about this super cold season in more fashion terms, then I have to admit it got me to experiment in mixing and matching different textures and patterns even more. This quite simple, I would also say semi-formal, combination came to life due to a fashion marriage of checked sweater and striped trousers. I would even name this couple the main twist of this Winter-ish look. We also know there's no proper Winter look without fur, just a tiny bit.

Look of the Day:
Capriola coat 
LAUREL sweater 
Tiger trousers 
Centro boots 
Fiorelli Belinda Grab bag 

Photo: T. Egorova