In reflections of the outer world. 

First of all, let me start with wishing a very Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating it today. It's been just two weeks ago that the other part  of the world was overtaken by this bright festivity. It's time for Orthodox Christmas to take the baton of Winter celebrations. Wanted to say it's time to light up candles, switch on festive music and swirl into celebratory dance but... we've been living this 'routine' ever since New Year's Eve. And will continue to swirl until the clock bells the Old New Year time next week. Am I right?

Secondly, let me beg a pardon straightaway from those who celebrated Christmas back in December, but am feeling blessed for the fact snow invasion came right in time of Orthodox Christmas. It had been snowing really hard over the past weekend here, in Latvia. If only it started several days earlier, before calendar did hit January 1... but no, we are pleased to have a proper Winter now. Everything is super white outside and it all sets you in a very positive, semi-festive mood. At least, that's how I see it. Thank you, universe, for reading through my Veiled Hat in Mexican Corner story. Feels a lot like good old Winter.

Finally, as snow-full visual stories are approaching to Practical Queen AP around next week, here's another one that involves cafe and windows. No, it doesn't mean I'm trying to bury myself, I wanted to say overwinter, into a cozy place. After through the glass experience I had in P is for PIENS story, I literally fell in love with this idea of windows, cozy cafes, a cup of coffee and thoughtful or dreamy me. I like this see-through wall between me and camera lens. I like how reflections of the outer world become an essential part of these images. Such a different perspective.

Look of the Day:
Finnbird coat 
Oasis turtleneck 

Photo: T. Egorova