Closing Autumn/Winter 15/16 season in a very funk-ish way.

Autumn/Winter season is coming to its official end. Soon we will be adopting new trends, officially refreshing our wardrobes and ready to step into Spring. Meanwhile, there's yet one month and there's yet one trend we should definitely try out before shutting the Autumn/Winter door. It's a very funky funk style!
It is important to understand first that 'funk' and 'funky' are considered to be two separate styles despite the fact that both were born around 1960's. Both styles do have quite a lot in common and stand for mixing unmixable stuff. Fun, bombastic combinations in terms of colors and fabrics, kitsch and exaggeration - these are kind of distinctive elements. What about modern practice showcased by designers? Let's have a look. Looks like Moschino went for crossing funk and funky styles together that resulted in a mix of bright colors, funny attitude and lots of gold chains around models necks. Ashish, in turn, decided to mix contrasts and play around shiny fabrics. And finally, Marc by Marc Jacobs - a mix of unmixable, bright colors popping here and there, but most importantly a beret.
We already seem to have mentioned the main four elements that can help you create a total funk look. Did you spot them? Anyway, let's have a more detailed look...   

Popping Colors

Bright, bombastic colors mixed together is a key when it comes to turning yourself into a proper funk. And just in case you thought it's impossible to pull it all throughout freezing winter days - you are wrong. Chunky knit sweaters and pants in bright or even simple details like sunglasses, hats and bags - it all counts. 

Shiny Fabrics

Shine is something that comes from disco. Sequins, metallic shine, even matte shine. Don't be afraid to attract attention. That's what funk (and funky style as well) is meant to do. Put yourself aside from the crowd by mixing shiny stuff with bombastic colors. Be the first one to bring spring mood in!

Gold (Over)Dose

Gold necklaces are in for funk style. A lot of chained ones. Or one super statement piece. It's all about exaggeration. Be daring enough to overdose, multi layer, gold necklaces, but don't take it too seriously by setting own neck into pain kind of level.


One can not go by without an interesting beret. Colorful, embellished, embroidered, sequined and even fluffy one. Make sure it looks quite weird and contrasting-much when you add it to your combination. It doesn't need to suit that well. Because it's funk.

Photo Courtesy: Who Is Scout?,,,,