Adding prints to Winter 2015/2016 season. 

Prints, prints, prints. An essential part of modern day fashion. Not a single season comes by without designers presenting even more interesting, quirky or reinterpreted variations.
So what do creative minds have for us this season apart from beloved florals, good old checks and vertical stripes? Well, by looking back at several designer collections we can define two types of hot seasonal prints - graphic and art-inspired ones. As seen at Valentino and Loewe, graphics that include geo section can be easily statement and retro-ish at the same time, which is super cool. Christopher Kane, in turn, went for an art-inspired approach, this adding this intellectually bohemian touch. And here comes Christian Dior that somehow managed to combine both approaches and turned their prints into a highly creative work.
So which team are you going to join? Graphic or art-inspired? Hold on, let's have a closer look at each first.


Graphic prints are pretty modern and statement way to add a twist to your outfit. Plus you can easily go for a mono-graphic total print look. Or even play around mixing and matching different ones together. Don't be afraid of trying out something bold. And don't forget there are multiple ways to use it in your daily outfits.


Art-inspired prints and details remind you of immortal works of painters, architects and creative minds. Something like Donna Karan's street art inspired prints or FREYWILLE's Claude Monet or Gustav Klimt inspired collections. A little (or big) splash of art never killed no outfit. Just don't overdose. 

Photo Courtesy: From Mia To You, Gastro Chic, Glamour Magazine