Victorian or Gothic? Both for Winter 2015/2016 season. 

Victorian and Gothic vibes together at the same time? Yes, please! Sensual drama queens and austere fashionistas are asking for it.
Have you ever thought of mixing Victorian and Gothic vibes? Have you ever wished for such a combination? The secret is two styles have quite a number of common features. Or is it due to the fact that modern Gothics inherited a little part of Victorian style, in a way? Let's leave this question up in the air and look more closer at designer collections and their variations of Victorian Gothics topic. Looks like Riccardo Tisci and Givenchy decided to stay on the dark side while playing around sensual austerity. Meanwhile, Alberta Ferretti did put her bet on combining contrasts, like transparency, frill and maxi length. And here comes Alexander McQueen. Do we even need to comment on it? The iconic British brand has been paying tribute to Victorian Gothics for ages now. 
So would you be willing to go for Victorian or Gothic style, or both together, let's first learn the basics of each. Shall we?


Victorian style that evolved in the second part of the 19th century is all about moralistic approach and austerity. Distinctive features usually involve long sleeves, maxi length, no decollete, voluminous sleeves, lace, frill, brooch, bow and a combination of white and black colors. In a more modern sense all mentioned features doesn't necessarily need to come together at the same time.


In more modern version Gothic style appeared around last two decades of the 20th century. Will be fair enough to say that this style brought together elements of Punk, Victorian and Military styles. Distinctive features may include black color, as well as shades of wine, lace, leather, lace-up, net, corsets and black maxi dresses. Don't also forget about pale skin, it's essential here. 

Victorian Gothics

Victorian Gothics is basically a mix of two. Something like austerity with a dose of drama. In this style-combination light and dark colors can easily come together with different fabrics and elements inherent either to Victorian or Gothic style. These can be lace, velvet or leather, transparency, frill and bows. It's all about well-coordinated match.

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