A sort of a modern day Renaissance. 

As they say, everything new is a well-forgotten old. This iconic phrase can now easily be used towards the Latvian National Museum of Art which is now experiencing an era of modern rebirth. I spent ages passing by this building, I've undertook a couple of cultural trips inside before as well, but honestly I never paid that much attention to its actual beauty. Until the museum appeared in all its modernized glory several weeks ago. If any of you had a chance to get inside renewed interiors during one of those open days, then you probably understand my level of amazement. Well, the building just regained its own charm back, now we are about to wait until all art pieces take their places inside and the museum will officially open its doors to inspiration-seekers.

Yes, architecture has a special impact on me. Sometimes I regret I never studied it on a more professional level. I don't mean I would like to try myself in a role of architect. No way. It's too serious and responsible. I believe architects have this special vision, they see buildings differently. Just like, let's say, a designer sees this or that garment. They just see it all in a different way. You know such a rebirth of the museum could not help but leave a trace in my mind. So when I got back home I immediately took out this super vintage blouse I found in my grandmother's "wonder chest" ages ago and started thinking about bringing it back to life. Giving it a chance of rebirth. And when the outfit was formed I had no other location in my mind than this brand new one.

Speaking of this 'past meets present' sort of combination that in first place is all about the vintage jabot blouse... have to confess it does look pretty old fashioned on its own, but as soon as you accompany it with interesting, and right in its own way, pieces the blouse turns into a very fashionable twist. And despite the fact Internet lately seem to be overflowed by articles stating that over the knee boots and skinny jeans combination is out now, I still risked and am ready to be named old fashioned. Because when someone comes out with a strong statement, I mean a new fashion rule that we are meant to follow, I straightaway have this feeling of doing it vise versa. That's it.

Look of the Day:
H&M jacket 
HOLLAND shirt 
Zara jeans 
LAMBADA.LV over the knee boots 
New Look bag 

Photo: T. Egorova