Chewbacca meets Ozzy Osbourne? 

Isn't it fun how much irony can one bring to a most casual, simple, laid-back outfit combination? You know ever since I took this big, massive, oh well, enormous fur coat out of my family's secret box, I was wondering what, or who, does it remind me of. Let me make it clear, I'm the second most petite person in family, so whenever I do wear this fur (and I do almost all the time recently) I feel like a real life Chewbacca from the Star Wars movie. And since Star Wars are officially back on track, there's nothing wrong in looking similar to Chewbacca. Especially because since childhood days (and I literally grew up on episodes 4 to 6 of this legendary saga) that giant furry creature was my most favorite character.

Speaking of irony I decided to add to this look, apart from Chewbacca-much fur coat I found these mirror-lens-ed shades from CHOIES reminding me of Ozzy Osbourne, I mean his iconic look with glasses. I believe most of us associate round-shaped sunglasses with this personality. It's actually interesting how you can find a common ground with a kind of unique personality Mr. Osbourne is. So I thought, why not cross Ozzy with Chewbacca to create a funny yet cool and pretty warm combination for our second CHOIES Project-story? One shouldn't be taking fashion too serious, you know. Besides the irony moment, I decided to build this look around black modern basics and keep myself warm at the same time, plus add a delicious topping by mean of round shades and boater hat. Who said the two don't fit your winter wardrobe?

P. S. Can't stop repeating how much I adore proper winter scenery around Riga. Especially around the Old Town part. These unbelievably old, narrow streets covered with purely white snow. Doesn't this seem to be a sort of a fairytale or a scene from one of those magical winter-ish movies? And while only a tiny piece of this snow covered little Eastern European beauty is being captured and shared with you, I try to collect it all in a place capacity of which is much broader than the one of a smartphone, laptop or a memory card - my mind. As they say, it's better to see it all with own eyes once rather than browse a picture 7 times... 

Mango jeans 
Red Herring boots 
Aldo bag

Photo: T. Egorova