Return of a Chewbacca-like fur coat. 

But wait. It didn't seem to disappear or go away for that long. It's been just few days ago that it first stepped out into its digital presence. Anyways. I do love my Chewbacca fur. Even more I adore adding this massive piece of irony. Despite the fact it makes me feel super warm throughout freezing days, it brings around this mood of fooling around. You know I came across two little boys on a late tram, I prefer calling it a spaceship, a couple of weeks ago and they found me looking really fun - just think about it a petite girl wearing a fur that is twice as bigger that herself. I mean, it is fun. There should always be a minute, an hour, a day, a moment when you turn into a freak-y beast.

Speaking of a big chunky fur I decided to take out of a closet where it spent many, many, many seasons. It wasn't just for the freezing winter we've been experiencing this time, but also for the fact such kind of furry, massive pieces were sent out to the runway in terms of Michael Kors' Autumn/Winter 15 collection. Remember Kendall Jenner rockin' the green one or Natasha Poly wearing grey-ish statement fur during that show? Yes, it was my primary fashion inspiration to finally start utilizing my Chewbacca. Am still thinking to pull on something similar to Poly's opening look with masculine shoes. Highly chic yet emancipated enough. Love it!

Have to confess that the whole outfit of today was somehow inspired by that elegantly winter-ish collection of Michael Kors. Check it out once again and apart from massive fur you'll also find a fluffy sweater in green (in case with Kendall it was a dress), straight-leg pants in check pattern and a classy handbag. All mentioned above can be spotted in different looks presented by American designer. Meanwhile, real life is all about mixing and matching such, and similar-looking, pieces together by coming up with something of your own. And adding some details, like statement make-up and  personalized Whistle & Bango bangle.

Look of the Day:
vintage fur 
Atmosphere sweater 
Street One pants 
Centro booties 
vintage bag 
ACEVIVI (via DealSale app) eyeshadow set 

Photo: T. Egorova