It's an A.P kinda thing.

They say from London with love. We say from London with Whistle + Bango. Timeless style and exquisite mastership. Yes, you heard me - London and Whistle + Bango. W+B, as I sometimes tend to shorten the company's name, is yet a relatively young jewellery brand that was born in London back on 2013. Since then the fashion child of Rosie and Ania, the founders, managed to conquer attention of really big media names - Vogue, GQ and Hello to name a few. Quite simple but still utterly chic bangle is at the heart of Whistle + Bango brand. So to say, the core product the label is now famous for.

Although it all started with London's postcodes idea, in other words Whistle + Bango's bangles distinctive feature - few engraved letters and/or numbers, today the brand offers quite a wide range to choose from. Here you have London's postcodes, alphabet, international collection and the plain bangles without any lettering. All this comes in a variety of colors - from cream and black to grey and mint. But wait, what about making such a bangle a more personal piece? What about putting your very own message on top of it? Should we want to add customization to our priceless bangles? We definitely should. And Whistle + Bango already got us covered on this topic as from now we can write whatever we want, literally, on a very bespoke bangle. Isn't it a great way to treat own self? Isn't it a perfect gift for a special person? I believe so.

Creating new reasons for wearing jewellery is said to be Whistle + Bango's ambition. Have they achieved it so far? Bet so. Just check their wide range of bangle, and other jewellery, collections once again. It's a perfect sign people are actually rethinking daily details. Especially when it comes to simple, timeless pieces with character. By character here I mean that despite you may not go for a bespoke bangle, but will, let' say, choose a postcode one, it's still your bangle that possesses a special meaning only you may know about. For my very own Whistle + Bango bangle I decided to give preference to my initials - A and P letters. Have actually been dreaming of my customized piece of jewellery for quite some time. Can now state that this London-based brand is able to turn one's dream to reality...
P.S. May I provide you with a tiny little surprise accounting for 10% off when entering a PQAP10 promo code while placing an order? I know! A Whistle + Bango bangle just got even more alluring. Oh and don't forget to #GetCreative while customizing own W+B beauty!  

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Photo: T. Egorova