A good old piece is better than two new ones? 

I believe I can assure you over the fact this is the very last visual story with snow being involved this winter season. Proper winter lasted for like a month and seems now to be pushed away by grey-full, cloudy sky and sly rains. Well, the best part about this shift are lovely, sunny days that still keep acting as lucky tickets, you know there's a tiny percentage of such, start bringing this feeling of upcoming spring. Have you noticed that? Meanwhile, I feel utterly happy over the fact I had a chance to catch magical, snowy winter days, I mean views, as background.

And while nature is undertaking this habitual, seasonal shift I tend to be overtaken by kind of sentimental feelings towards some good old fashion pieces of mine. Pieces that haven't been used by me on nearly daily basis over past... months. The list includes beloved Candy bag. I remember going crazy over it two years ago, when I got it for myself. Two years have gone so far but it seems more like decades. Oh, and hey, my Candy is as old as my driving licence. Now this feels even more strange as it seems to me I've been driving myself since like I was born (parking thing is not included here though). Am I going to get rid of Candy any time soon? No way. Although world seem to get over it, in my heart it still has that special place.

But wait. Let's drop few words about today's quite a dark outfit combination. Black works perfectly good being highlighted by crystal white snow, don't you think? And I love how I managed to translate 70's vibes by putting old school'ed velvetki-pants, vintage floral tunic, skinny scarf and felted hat together into one ensemble. And only one popping accent just to add a little, or big enough, colored spot. Am again pointing the Candy out. What else you might need for a casual 'end of winter' walk? Warm rays of sun? You know, I agree.

Look of the Day:
Capriola coat 
Toyo Menka tunic 
Montowell pants 
Centro boots 
ACEVIVI (via DealSale app) eyeshadow set 

Photo: T. Egorova