A spoilt dandy of Athens. 

The third actual dandy in history. Alcibiades from Athens. Even though he lived 400 years BC, echoes of his personality are still heard in this 21st century. Alcibiades was undoubtedly a multi-talented man. He succeeded in a role of Athenian statesman, as people tend to listen to him and accept his political views. Despite the fact he had crouping problems Alcibiades succeeded as a brilliant orator. And finally this ancient dandy proved himself being highly talented and skilled general. Socrates, a legendary philosopher, happened to be a part of Alcibiades' closest circle of like-minded people.
Noble character traits, brilliant abilities, excellent background, immense riches, powerful friends and great physical beauty allowed Alcibiades to climb up quite high in ancient Athenian society. But... but there was another side of this dandy that kept attracting him to the darker side. Selfishness, carelessness, insolence, arrogance and a passionate desire to always be the first one. Ever since childhood days Alcibiades is said to be extremely depraved and led quite an extravagant life. What a shame it is for a handsome and highly smart-ly-talented personality to possess such personality killing traits, isn't it?

Image Courtesy: Pinterest.com/Francois Ande Vincent (1777), The Dunderhead's Blog/Cosroe Dusi