Because spring is calling for it. 

Oh this unpredictable weather and its shifts. I believe there is no other place on this planet like a little Eastern European country where you can experience all four seasons, okay three except for summer, in just one week's time. Seriously, it's so funny how it all went from much promising spring vibes to endless autumn rains and then again back to white winter. If there is the most challenging job in the whole wide world then it's definitely the weather forecaster's one. So the only thing I started trusting weather predictions to is the sky. I am actually jocking. Sky's mood is as changing as weather. I guess the best remedy to stop swearing weather by is just not taking it that serious. 

The good news are... official spring is coming in two weeks time! And I kind of made a decision to proclaim spring mood here right today. I mean seasonality is like the hottest topic in the fashion industry these days, so why not kick a new season earlier? Plus we have already started looking into spring/summer trends. So, spring-ish mood and easy wear just invaded Practical Queen AP. It's high time to start getting back to one of my favorite colors - the brown one. I actually have so much to say regarding this color, but will manage to raise the brown topic a bit later. This current season transition period seem to push me closer to deeper shades of green and blue. The two colors I would refer to as more intellectually calm ones rather than eye-catchy.

This easier approach to dressing - have to admit I almost totally forgot what it feels like not to pretend to look like Chewbacca when you go outside - allowed me to bring this cool coat back. Despite I haven't utilized it that much yet, I can already entitle it as one of my favorites for spring season, not only because of its color but rather because of this laid-back yet chic-y style. And what a surprise it was for me to find out that coat perfectly works with culottes?! No honestly, it was quite hard for me to find an outerwear piece that suits these pants. And ta-da! Few more ingredients, like classic shirt that can always rescue a situation and matchy bag and shoes. Hat? Hat is a good topping. Plus this boater piece in deep blue is scoring the second place among my spring season favorites.

Look of the Day:
TOPSHOP culottes 
Centro boots 
vintage bag 

Photo: T. Egorova