Shading the dullness. 

No it's not any sort of tribute to ''Fifty Shades of Grey' movie or novel. I wonder how a fashion tribute to such a story would even look like...? To be badly honest, the movie didn't provoke any positive impressions inside my mind. It didn't bring any kind of emotions. It might sound super offensive to those fans of the novel, but I didn't get it. At all.

I might sound even freakier now, but the second marathon of Breaking Bad series that I undertook a week or two ago made me laugh and then cry once again. I bet this gives a little hint about my personal level of toughness. Going sentimental over chemist aka drug lord's death and imprisoned on-and-off drug addict? That's the first shade of Anna, nice to meet you.

Oh well. Moving away from movie kind of thing it's still good to point out that the outfit of today was actually built around several shades of grey color. And you know, painting dull days even more pale-ish can actually be fun. Consider varying at least 3 tones - from very light to quite a dark shade, plus one intermediate. The rest shades of grey can easily be achieved by means of mood, weather and colorless architecture. I guess I also managed to picture the way the grey mood can be expressed in such a situation. So take it into account.

The blanket shawl trend. I wasn't that much exposed to it unless this grey piece came to my hands. Neutrally colored and utterly simple. Now I understand it can come not only as a good fashion topping for many outfit combinations, but also as a multipurpose savior. One can literally bundle up in it from head to toes. In case with the faux fur jacket the blanket shawl worked well as a top layer - you feel just twice as warm. So, even though we managed to cover less than 50 shades of grey color, it still makes fashion sense, right?

Look of the Day:
Accessorize shawl 
H&M fur jacket 
LAUREL sweater 
Triangle skirt 
Miss Selfridge boots 
New Look bag 

Photo: T. Egorova