Getting Spring layering ready. 

Who's feeling thrilled over the fact official spring is coming exactly in one week's time? I bet all of us, okay most of us, are feeling excited to finally abandon winter and severe layering approach we've been using over the past couple of months. Meanwhile, Frosty the Snow Man doesn't really agree with us, does he? More, more and more snow keeps he bringing to the streets of a little Eastern European city every single morning. And I don't even know whether I should feel happy over this fact as I adore snowy winters or should I join those wails of others? That's the question.

What I feel like talking today about is the graffiti thing. See I recently came across this abandoned former building of Riga's Marine College that is now covered with lots and lots of letters and 'paintings'. To tell the truth, I keep passing by this building almost every single as it's located right in my neighbourhood. I can't deny that this kind of modern art does add more drama to exterior. But don't you think it's a sort of vandalism to paint a historical piece with almost random letters? I mean Banksy's street paintings at least do have an idea behind that evokes thinking process. So how would one characterize graffiti - a sort of modern art or more of vandalism?

I like it when an atmosphere, a building or background in general, complements some of my outfits. Not all of them though. In this case color merger did work well. Just the way my 'Multilayering. Spring edition' approach did. Ever since those warm Spring-ish winds in early February the only thing I've been thinking of was my transitional wardrobe that was meant to involve lighter, life-full colors, easy layering, mix of patterns, embroidery and contrasting fabrics. Well, looks like in reality it's about to get postponed, but no one said we can't start forming it, right? So why not mix and match denim, leather, color block and Aztec-inspired patterns together?

Look of the Day:
Finnbird coat 
Superdry shirt 
Lindex top 
Seppala pants 
Centro boots 
New Look bag 
BALMAIN x H&M ring 

Photo: T. Egorova