Zebra in the streets of a city. 

You know I recently came to a personal discovery - I am a real life Queen of Blazers. No really. If you could ever step inside my wardrobe, you would definitely agree with the statement. Or better say my new title. I believe now I have a full package, collection or whatever, you name it, of blazers. Check patterned (like 3 different ones), striped, classy white and black, an oversized one, a la Chanel style, velvet and laced, in military style and so on. And here we go with this animalistic addition. Looks like I really do have this inner demand for a sort of uniform dressing, business and semi-casual styles. That's why the first thing I reach out to white at a clothing store is a rack filled with blazers. Unconscious habit...

If we are yet to speak about my latest fashion additions, then I have to point out my craving for animal prints. I was trying to keep myself away from this kind of print for quite some time, or at least minimize its dose in my arsenal. Well, as you see I fell to restrict myself from one of my favorite patterns. No, it's not like I can wear leopard-ish print from head to toes, it would be too much for me. I rather prefer adding one, maximum two, animalistically patterned pieces, be it clothing or a more miniature detail. How can one try to get away from animal prints at the time when 90'ies era and its kitsch are back on track? - you'll ask. One can't. You are totally right. So confident and emancipated ladies with a soul 'made in 90's', it's time to bring that wildness back.

Speaking of this fresh outfit combination that perfectly suits this transitional period from season to season, my aim was to enhance the zebra effect of the blazer even more. Black basics did their job in best possible way. Plus here is an easy formula how to turn your almost all black everything outfit into a more statement combination - simply add animal print, or zebra one directly. Still thinking a total black look is nothing but boring? Then you are definitely thinking wrong way. Keep your eyes opened for interesting solutions that surround us on daily basis. And don't be afraid of experimenting. That's the best way to research own self.

Look of the Day:
Capriola coat 
vintage blazer 
H&M jeans 
Miss Selfridge boots 
Bulaggi bag 

Photo: T. Egorova