A lady in a sweatshirt. 

Am super happy and highly honored to share this special story on such a beautiful, feminine much day. A story about my dear Victoria's new undertaking - own workshop with interesting and intriguing (at the very same time) name Bambi_Vi. So now apart from running a flower studio Ziedu Sēta and Veretteno brand she's also doing her own thing. Thing that involves a lot of creativity. And I dare to make such a statement not simply because I know her, but rather because I already posses a piece that underwent a makeover process. In other words, Victoria gave a second life to a vintage denim jacket of mine by upgrading it with a personalized design. And while all of us are in anticipation of seeing that 'mysterious jacket', I can say one thing - the result exceeded my expectations.

But let's talk about this sweatshirt with a lady pictured on it as it's kind of a piece of work that gave start to Bambi_Vi and this whole highly creative process. To me a lady is pretty much in Dolce & Gabbana style. If you remember, they tend to use this styling that involves a crown and massive statement earrings. Plus this type of feminine beauty - a majestic, sensual yet slightly cold. Whether conscious or unconscious inspirational wave brought Victoria to an idea to picture this lady on her old sweatshirt doesn't matter. What really matters is the fact that in the end a used piece of clothing received a second life. A more fashionable life I would say. By the way, garment rebirth approach is one of the main goals (or maybe a mission?) for Bambi_Vi. Because in this era of reasonable consumerism, we are stepping in, a full life circle of a garment matters. 

Nothing much can I comment about painting on textile technique as I just realized I know near to nothing about it. Thankfully, I do have an expert who can cover me on this topic, if you know what I'm trying to say... Meanwhile, I can speak quite fluently on idea of styling this Bambi_Vi sweatshirt. As I said above, an image of a lady drove Dolce & Gabbana associations to my head, so I decided to go for their famous female type and add a bit of powerfully sensual yet restricted vibes. I couldn't resist to accompany bombastically purple color with all black everything in order to emphasize the sweatshirt and the print itself even more. Classy court shoes, deep purple lipstick, curls and here you go - an idea achieved. 

Capriola coat 
Bambi_Vi sweatshirt 
Asos skirt 
Aldo shoes 
Dune London pouch 
Balmain x H&M ring 
Whistle + Bango bangle 

Photo: T. Egorova