Wake up, wake up early spring-y birds. 

Have you already noticed spring in the streets of own city? It came with a new breath of fresh air, first rays of March sun, first date of a completely new month and lots of excitement. I like spring season the most I guess. And I don't really like February. It just happened that over past years the last month of official winter comes with a big dose of heavy thoughts I keep scrolling inside my head over and over again. It just happens that every single February I do get rid of another, put it outdated, skin layer, figuratively speaking of course. But then on that first morning of March I wake up like almost fully upgraded.

Speaking of upgrades that seem to have affected not only my inner state of mind and so on, but an external side of mine as well. I mean style or fashion/clothing preferences. Past month, or better say months, made it quite clear to me how I ideally see myself and most importantly how I feel while wearing these of those clothes. And this super simple, laid-back outfit combination is a sort of a mix of pieces I aim to turn into my own everyday uniform. White sneakers, pants or jeans, casual top, chunky knit cardigan, neutral colors - all this doesn't necessarilly need to come together. It's more than enough to have one of the mentioned elements within my outfit for me to feel like myself.

And a little twist, Sometimes I can't resist to add an interesting or contrasting or eye-catchy piece. This time it is all about fur earmuffs in glamorous pink color that I brought from Moscow back in late October. Surprisingly, such an accessory didn't seem to work throughout proper winter but perfectly suited a spring-much combo. As they say, some things take time. It did take me about half a year to clear out I'm not a snow fairy but rather a modern Cheburashka - one of my favorite cartoon characters from childhood days. Cheburashka of a little Eastern European city...

Look of the Day:
Mohito cardigan 
Lindex top 
Mango jeans 
vintage bag 

Photo: T. Egorova