'Steenie' the dandy. 

George Villiers, also known as 1st Duke of Buckingham, in our list of greatest dandies of all times is the second royal favorite. It is considered that 'Steenie' was a lover of King James I. The nickname was also assigned to George by enamoured head of the country. Well, Villiers' royal luck didn't come to an end when Charles I ascended to throne. But let's leave it all aside and concentrate on his career as George Villiers went all the way up from being a royal Cup-bearer to Gentleman of the Bedchamber to Knight of the Garter until he reached the level of Duke of Buckingham that allowed him to become King's closest advisor.
When it comes to this dandy's looks and physique, everyone keep referring bishop Godfrey Goodman's words that George was the owner of the most handsome body, while his brilliant speech and grace of movement could leave everyone around pleased. If we are to speak of the Duke's clothes, then the best overall example may come from a gown he once wore in Paris - a suit in rose silk embellished with diamonds. And as it happened to most dandies before and after 'Steenie' - the Duke was assassinated.

Image Courtesy: (Wikipedia) Michael J. van Miereveld (1625), Gerrit van Honthorst (1628)