Dandy the European tobacco discoverer. 

Sir Walter Raleigh is no doubt one of the brightest examples of an original dandy. Speaking of his lifetime successes, we should start with his first one in a role of a great soldier. It all started when Walter was only 17 years old, but he already left home country, England, to fight against Huguenots of France. With time his passion towards foreign and especially unknown lands lead him to a role of an adventurous traveler as he went on to research (and then colonize) North America. One of Raleigh's well-known voyages includes establishment of Virginia colony, now known as North Carolina. Going back to his military career, it is important to point out his service in Queen Elizabeth's army and then appointment as a captain of Queen's Guard, as well as a title of Queen's favorite.
Queen's favorite served his country a good transatlantic service as Raleigh did bring to Europe yet at that time (end of the 16th century) unknown tobacco and potatoes. According to various sources, in his looks dandy the explorer was tall, handsome, very self-confident, as well as magnificently dressed. But unfortunately, Walter's charm that helped him conquer Queen Elizabeth I was nothing but peacocking in the eyes of her majesty's successor - King James I. So at the beginning of the 17th century dandy the favorite was imprisoned in the Tower of London for treason and later on condemned to death at Westminster. Such a habitual, tragic end that was preceded by life of a real dandy.

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