Dandy with love-locks. 

A dandy or how Player's Cigarettes described him - a young gallant of mid-17th century is more of a collective image rather than a certain figure. Two love-locks, in other words curls of hair worn on the temple of forehead, are considered to be a distinctive feature of dandies of the 1640-1650's, the time when Charles I was still owning the throne of England. It's worth mentioning that such, as we call it these days, beauty trend brought along a lot of controversy regarding the fact that once masculine dress of the Cavalier was turned into effeminate one. Debates over this topic can still be continued these days, but we all know that real dandies care more about their looks rather than what others may say, aren't they?

Image Courtesy: (Wiki) Daniel Mytens (1631), (Gallart.by) Gerard ter Borch