Because it's almost International Women's Day o'clock. 

Yes, you got it right. It's this time of the year when all the ladies of this planet stand up and sing: "Who run the world?... Girls!"... But seriously, it's this day when we pay tribute to those women of the past whose strong vision and emancipated mind changed a lot, and we still keep following their steps and keep celebrating this female-ish thing of ours. 
So a special day in history and in some country's calendars may ask for a special kind of outfit. And in case you still have no entire idea what to wear on March 8th, here are two completely contrasting yet worth-to-pull combinations...

Romantic Diva

Get into this romantically blossoming state of mind by making a floral print dress the main center of your special outfit. And accompany it with elements that perfectly suit your mood as well as weather conditions outside - boots and a coat for more severe areas, court shoes for more Spring-friendly cities and countries.

Modern Emancipe

A modern wave of emancipated women has already started its invasion. So if you are feeling this temptation to join the army of strong and intelligent women, then make sure you have a pant suit, or a la suit combination, ready for March 8. And don't forget to play around supplements to make a combination look your own - geek-ish, sensual, with masculine twist and so on.

Image Courtesy: Uptown Twirl, Glamour,