Little things that matter. 

Well, well, well. It's spring time o'clock and it means what? It's high time to get those little details that form our everyday outfits out into the limelight. I bet those pieces that had been hidden under the layers of thick winter clothing or spent all this time being locked up in your secret jewelry box are just waiting for this moment to be released. As I already indicated, there are these little details that keep forming our outfits day by day. So over the past few months, and weeks, I managed to figure out my own details formula that I entitled 'Simple Essentials'. Speaking in general, simplicity is what I currently eager in terms of style, fashion and even beauty (I mean make-up in first place). The more simple in terms of shape and color - the better.

Plus such outfit formula can easily be brought to a new level with the help of those simple yet essential details. Enough with reasonings, let me drop few words about details themselves. Rings are just several miniature pieces I like adding from time to time, while a necklace with pendant I keep calling 'planet Earth in hands of digital universe' is my morning to night detail I literally can't leave home without. Then goes my little treasure - personalised Whistle + Bango bangle - that I am obsessed with lately. Have you, by the way, so far entered #TheBangleBond competition for a chance to win two personalised bangles? Head over to W+B's page (HERE) to get more information. And, finally, my latest addition to own essentials pack - minimalistic yet with quite a fun twist shades from CHOIES. These ones are yet to appear in all its glory.


Photo: A. Puzova