Or a story about a perfect body suit. 

When an opportunity to celebrate a little, or actually big, anniversary comes you just can't ignore it, can you? So today, at the very sunset of March, this story wraps a total number of 1000 posts that so far went live on Practical Queen AP. Hitting such a number in less than a month before this digital girl celebrates her 5th anniversary is more than overwhelming, to be honest. I never paid attention to number of stories I published before, but this figure made me realize how much has been written and done in general over these 5 years. Oh these sentimental feelings... when it gets you - you have nothing else but surrender. But hey, an even more overwhelming fact of the day is that we are kind of celebrating this story 'number 1000' with CHOIES.

Sharing this story with CHOIES gets even more personal if I'm about to talk about a perfect body suit I'd been hunting for, literally, for ages. I still remember that street style photo I came across on the Internet of a girl wearing a sensual lace-y body suit with pant suit, I guess it was either stripe or check patterned one, and heeled sandals. That outfit combination really got me going and a though 'I need such a body suit' did hit my mind. Ever since then I was looking for such a piece. To cut this quite long (and not that much exciting) hunting story short, after primarily coming across transparent-much body suits that should rather be used as lingerie rather than a piece that can be worn inside and outside, my passion for finding a perfect body suit somehow slowed down. Well, this was the exact moment when an occasion, in reality online shopping session, brought me to this CHOIES treasure.

In my own opinion, this body suit is sensual yet daring enough. Plus it's super simple. It's exactly something I was looking for, a piece that can equally be worn with a suit, a pant one more, thus creating more or less semi-formal combination, as well as with a pair of jeans for laid-back, daily duties. Why am I actually only restricting it all to jeans? Classy pants will also work (well, am actually giving a little hint of a combination I desire to pull quite soon) just the way a skirt or shorts will. Enough said and dreamt so far as I already can't wait for summer days and a chance to take the body suit outside, under warm rays of sun... and a chance to release body after months of multi layering... But for now it's all about snuggling in bed in beloved CHOIES piece and comfy jeans and daydreaming about all the ways I will soon be able to implement this black body suit...

Bandolino jeans