Where FREYWILLE meets Whistle + Bango. 

Well, in one of recent stories we have already discussed the power of details. That talk was primarily based on my simple essentials for everyday. Yet we haven't really spoken about the fact there are details that might not be on your daily list, but can rather serve as a perfect addition to the essential pack or simply come as a sort of replacement. And this story is exactly about such kind of merger between everyday essentials and a detail that was meant, or better say happen, to lift a casual laid-back outfit up.

But before we move on to a cherry part of this story, let me ask you a question. Have you ever thought of the power the details, simply accessories, have on our looks, outfits, daily combinations? Have you ever managed to turn an outfit into a candy by simply adding an interesting scarf or just a belt to it? I mean, even a slightest change brought by a tiny (as well as statement) detail can turn a combination, and a whole look actually, for like 360 degrees. I agree there are cases when accessories can damage a look, but in greater degree it rescues the overall picture. The devil is in the detail, they say.

And while we pay attention to slightest details within own outfits, I still find it crucial to make sure details do work together, complement each other rather than stand as complete separates that neither have similarities nor contrasts. So in this very story we see a perfect, so to say, marriage between timeless Austrian art and modern British craftsmanship. In other words, a combination of FREYWILLE scarf with Hundertwasser's motifs and Whistle + Bango personalized bangle. I see this combination having both, similarities and contrasts, where the first one is translated by means of pure simplicity, while the second is all about bright and neutral colors, straight to spiral lines, past meets present and much more.

Yet the most important in this combination of Whistle + Bango and FREYWILLE is the fact the two do complement each other. Just the way the duo did complement this simple outfit combination. One of my favorite Spring combos so far, featuring my beloved jeans of the moment (literally, the comfiest piece I've ever owned) and a brand new (well, relatively now) faux fur jacket in animal print. Add white sneakers and a vintage bag to it - and voila - casualness with a twist is in full action. Where a twist is delivered by timeless Austrian art and modern British craftsmanship...

River Island faux fur jacket 
Christian Berg pullover 
Bandolino jeans 
vintage bag

Photo: T. Egorova