Plaiding up for Spring/Summer 2016 season. 

Plaid. Checks. A combination of horizontal and vertical stripes. No matter how you name it as the result is yet the same.
Yet another fashion season comes up with a sort of offers regarding plaid pattern. Well, to name a few that actually ended up being total Spring/Summer runway's favorites - these are timeless classics, variations of gingham, as well as a more creative approach to checks that includes pattern being oversized or recreated in more graphic way. All three mentioned above categories of plaid pattern has been spotted within Marissa Webb, Victoria Beckham, Wes Gordon and Thakoon seasonal collections. Which means, there's quite few fashion sources that can be used for inspiration.
And if you are feeling too lazy to make a research own self, then scroll down to check out the selection that's been made just for you, digital pumkinitos...


Classic plaid is pure timelessness. Surely each of us has a piece or two with such a pattern in our personal fashion arsenals. Classic pattern will help you make a confident checkmate to this season. And while classic plaids stretch around all sort of garments such as outerwear, dresses, pants, tops and so on, you go play around colors. Basic, neutral, low-key colors will go as the best choice.


None of us is a newcomers in theory, and practise, of gingham pattern. Right? So this season the pattern is still in the fashion game. How it manifests itself? In various color combinations, miniature to oversized sizes and symmetric to asymmetric arrangement of own self. You can find it being applied to many different garments, yet the best approach was found in a la suit combinations.

Graphic and Oversized

Graphic and/or oversized plaids is a more creative way to apply seasonal pattern in own wardrobe. Plus in a greater or lesser extent the pattern can be associated with optical illusions. You know the illusions that help correcting body in visual terms. Which is definitely good in case your are not ready to show own body off just yet...

Image Courtesy: 45.5 degrees, Vogue Runway, Vogue Runway, Vogue Runway