Feeling vintage for Spring/Summer 2016 season. 

Well, it's official now - vintage is a fashion trend of the season. And while some of us have been on a hunt for authentic vintage piece for years now, designers kept digging for inspiration in those good old days of 1980's, 1970's, gothic and romanticism era, and so on.
Fashion world has been repeating its own cycles for years now by bringing back an image of a powerful female of 1980's or emancipated one of 1920's, reminding us of rebellious 1990's and controversial 1970's... Yet all those trends and images of the past managed to present itself in a more fresh, modern day way. Well, everything changed when Allesandro Michele joined Gucci and made the 'outdated image look' thing become new classics. Yes, Gucci is the first, and so far biggest, source for your vintage-inspired outfits of Spring/Summer season. Looks like Miu Miu and Dries Van Noten decided not to lag behind and also added those vibes of girls from old days and some babushka-inspired stuff. And, finally, Chanel that's famous for its classically-signature style went for those old fashioned vibes. 
Meanwhile, there are a few categories you should pay attention to when going for a vintage-inspired look...

From Midi To Maxi

Midi and maxi lengths are so much vintage, especially the midi one. The length trend stretches across skirts and dresses. Let's not forget about forms, fabrics, patterns and styles. Be brave enough to match this length with babushka-much tops and glasses. So much Gucci style!

High Waist

High waist is another 'hello!' from good old days. Yet we are currently over-obsessed with it, aren't we? Elongated-up waist can go both in pants and in skirts. Speaking of pants, there's a handful of choices - flared, straight, cropped, skinny, wide-leg and the list goes on. No matter what shoe-type you will accompany it with - vintage feels are guaranteed.

Ruffles, Frills, Jabot, Pussy Bows

Oh these granny-much ruffles and pussy bows we used to get sick of on those childhood, early school days. We never wanted to look outdated like ugly Betty... unless she turned to be a sort of a new fashion icon of these days. All thanks to Alessandro Michele, who made us fall in love with all this jabot and Co things. Oh, and it looks so cool in a combination with denim!


Details matter. We all know that. Accessories is the easiest way to implement a trend into ones fashion arsenal, plus it doesn't require such a big investment budget. So when going for vintage feels trend make sure you have essential details - old school glasses and shades and/or a beret hat. 

Photo Courtesy: fashioniSTA, Pinterest.com, Street Peeper, Pinterest.com, Who What Wear