Going lady much for online retailer. 

Whenever it comes to spring season a new version of modern Alyonushka comes into being. For some reason I do adore this lady, it seems to me she's got this naturalness each and every of us could easily relate to regarding background, nationality and so on. You surely do remember that first time when I revealed the Alyonushka side of mine like a year ago, right? If you do then we know by now there's one essential element this character can't go without in the modern world... right, it's Veretteno head piece. A modern detail with purely Russian soul.

The reason I decided to bring back the Alyonushka side of mine lies in a project we are kicking off with a fresh online retailer on the block - La Tone. A pretty tricky name, isn't it? I believe there's no universal meaning to 'La Tone', on the contrary, these associations provoked by words combination can differ from person to person. So take a second to think about those associations you have in your mind now and stick to your own picture of La Tone. To me it's something refined yet modern-ly simple that can still have that interesting twist. And this picture actually comes quite close to retailer's offering in terms of clothing. I truly fell in love with the selection of this online store that has it's HQ right at the heart of Riga city. We definitely were lacking something like this in a little Eastern European city.

When speaking of this modern Alyonushka outfit combination I have to admit it all started from a fashion marriage that happened between coziest and super warm RUE BLANCHE sweater and Momoni midi skirt. Additional elements started coming together later on with Veretteno crown turning to be a very final touch, I would even say a final twist the outfit seemed to lack. What also came as a pretty important part of this Alyonushka look are masculine-type shoes that add this harsh and at the same time modern feature. Plus we all know such mixes of a jumper, midi skirt and flat shoes work these days, don't we girls?

vintage bag 

Photo: T. Egorova