Female vibes to sportswear. 

And when you start with one, even little, change it gets quite hard not to dive into a series of such, maybe non-stop, changes... So this spring started with me literally getting into the skin I've been seeing myself in for quite some time now. First it was all about experiments with temporary tattoos from TAADA.AADA as I wanted to clear out the question whether I want to upgrade my skin with real one or no. Well, thanks to their team my collection grew from Latvian ethnic symbols to street style, nature, metallic-s, etc. So the only thing I consider these days is which one to apply today to coordinate it with my outfit...

Later on the tattoo topic gave way to wardrobe changes. Changes I was talking about quite a lot lately and still can't put it all together to create a one clear picture. My wardrobe now is filled with 90's vibes and other old school'ed stuff. There's a lot of neutrally colored simplicity, yet a pop of red, orange and yellow can be spotted. A new wave of fashion invasion has been seen taking place recently - sportswear wave. As I tend to get really obsessed with genuine simplicity and practicality on 24/7 level, I find it pretty interesting to mix and match sportswear pieces with something more chic, like let's say high heels and leather jacket or a little black dress or classy formal pants. It adds a certain twist, don't you think?

And still there's the third, visual, change that arrived lately. Over the past three months in terms of my hair I went from one extreme to another. Seriously. It all went from an idea to get 70's style bang to then dye my hair either platinum blond or granny-ly grey. All this hair saga finally was finished off by cutting my hair almost twice. Having cut two past years off (exactly a time frame it took me to grow hair from similar length to what I now used to have back in early April) I accidentally found myself feeling much more comfortable with this mid-length. Plus a fresh hair cut came just in time for this athleisure (or semi-athleisure) combination featuring DressLink and CNDirect finds of mine.

Look of the Day:
Asos shoes 

Photo: T. Egorova