Diving into Orientalism. 

This sweet taste of spring-y winds and warmer days... nothing can really compare to it. Agree? Don't know exactly why, but strong rays of sun keep calling for Eastern vibes. It's not the first time that I start experiencing this feeling of literally urgent need to add a bit of Orientalism to my outfits around mid- or even end-spring. The top point of my 'East coast love' (I guess I'll just reserve this name to it) falls on summer season. I believe there's no need to explain why - silk-y wraps, hand embroidered maxi skirts, qipao dresses, India inspired hair crowns and hand harnesses - in Latvia it all only, well primarily, goes with the hottest season of them all.

Meanwhile this spring I decided to give a go to my Eastern passion much earlier. And a transitional moment from March to April happened to be a perfect one. Will allow myself to include a little backstory about my previous relationship experience with turbans. It never worked before. Turbans never seemed to fit me even though I kept trying it on over and over again while strolling through London's Spitalfields Market. And as soon as you give up on this or that piece thinking "Basta... it's just not going to work for me" life turns it all for like 360 degrees. The same kind of scenario took place with flared pants and wide brim hats, and lots and lots of other stuff. So like a year or two after I gave up thinking about turbans a perfect one came to my hands. And again, all thanks to CHOIES.

To be totally and fully honest, CHOIES turned to be my savior and one of those best online shopping friends where I can find a piece I've been looking for almost for ages. And yet the best thing is that all these fashion finds fit. You know it's just this thing when you have a brand or a retailer you can be sure of. That's the relationship I have with CHOIES. But hey, speaking of this combination I created around a turban - in first place it's all about matching velvet-y textures that we can also find in a top and pants and then, in second place, it's about bringing a twist by means of a faux fur jacket in animal print (one of those latest fashion finds I just couldn't resist). Last but not least fact about a turban, even in velvet-y texture, is that it can be applied 24/7. And 365 days a year. Looks like my 'East coast love' just got seasonless...

River Island faux fur coat 
LeMillion top 
H&M pants 
Aldo shoes 
vintage bag 

Photo: T. Egorova