It's 70's again. 

Been quite some time since a good productive digital talk happened here, right? This past month seemed to be more of a roller coaster, literally, with me taking one kind of decisions and circumstances turning it all vice versa. A pretty casual thing that yet forced me to rethink those past 2-3 years a lot an take advantage of this whole process. I wish I could spill every single point of that endless list of news this very moment, but knowing own experience regarding such stuff I'll rather stay silent for a little while...

Well, looks like today's visual story is about bringing around a more colorful combination. I guess I already talked over the fact my recent state of mind has been primarily dominated by neutral shades, especially black and grey colors. Taking my wardrobe to a more basic, super simple point happened to be a sort of a strategy to achieve a level of full practicality without this or that piece being worn like once or not worn at all. Clothes should work on daily basis, otherwise what's the point?

So yes, this outfit tends to be more colorful comparing to what's been coming up on Practical Queen AP recently. Transitional season is already sensed in the air. So it's high time to take out that special coat of yours (unless you have too many favorite options all of which you definitely want to give a go to) and turn streets into own kind of runway. I mean seriously. Especially if you were thinking of getting rid of it. Just like I was thinking of saying a 'Goodbye' to this cape when a casual thought 'What if...' stepped in my mind.

What if there will be a day when an outfit will be calling for a cape in popping orange color? And that day with 70's retro mood eventually arrived. With a combination of flared jeans, striped turtleneck, fringed bag, black-black boots and even lightweight curls coming as a synergy of Donna's and Jackie's (of much talked about earlier 'That 70's Show' series) styles. And here, in this case, an orange cape comes as a topping piece from my very side. As simple as that.

Look of the Day:
Regent coat |
Lindex top |
H&M jeans |
Miss Selfridge boots |
H&M bag |

Photo: T. Egorova