"You can dust it off and try again" Aaliyah

Girls turning into boys, boys turning into girls - isn't it something Lidewij Edelkoort was forecasting? Not really. What Lidewij meant by all that were changes that's been taking place for quite some time now when men start paying much more attention to own style and dressing up, while women, in turn, tend to go for more simple stuff without this dress to impress kind of stuff, also referred as peacocking. And if you are guessing on whether such formula is going to work in real life, there's a couple example of (my personal street style and industry pros favorites) Justin O'Shea and Veronika Heilbrunner. Still thinking women dress to impress males and men should only wear track suits? Think twice...

But let's put theory aside as this story is first of all about changes that's been taking over both my inner and outer sides. Or not really. I mean I've always adored hoodies, jeans, plain and logo'ed tees, caps, track suits and sport shoes. It's so basic yet daring. And most of all, it's so 90'ies. I believe one's childhood decade somehow affects person's tastes. I do believe songs, fashions and culture of those days bring, at least, a little tiny echo in one's mind and/or soul. Or is it really just me, a product of that rebellious 90'ies era who loves that culture and still puts Aaliyah and Spice Girls on repeat? The funny fact still is, this dressing pattern - laid-back, super simple and, oh, with boyish features - keeps returning to me from time to time. I remember myself a 5-year old wearing a sweatshirt, homemade patchwork jeans and light up shoes then doing nearly the same thing as a teenager but with a cap and casually white Adidas shoes (now only thing that saves me from blushing this moment is that nearly half of my girl-friends used to dress the same way).

And here I am in my... still early 20'ies (I hope I still fall into this category) and am doing that rebellious thing with 90'ies twist once again. You know, it actually feels so good to be back, especially to a baseball cap - sport shoes combination, and climb all over fire escapes. But wait, I'm not quite sure these changes, or let's put it 'my personal back to future', would take place now if it wasn't for Dresslink and CNDirect online stores. Yes, am having two new add-ons to my list of favorite retailers. There's so much good and simple stuff I am already adding to my daily rebel's outfit (well, like this almost all black everything one) and have yet reserved some gems in my wishlist. One thing to remember - it all goes out of stock quite quickly just like hotty hot pies. So don't loose a chance to refresh your seasonal wardrobe, digital pumpkinitos.

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Photo: T. Egorova