Celebrating 5th anniversary... 

Oh dear, oh dear. So far so good today my digital girl celebrates its birthday. Again! Shall I be stating once again that time literally flies? I mean it was just 5 years ago when I started this blog. Back then I had no idea what future holds (well, I still have no entire idea...), how things are going to change, where I'm going end up in a year or two or even 5 years. My plans were so much different then, when I was typing the Practical Queen AP name in in Blogspot. And you know, even though those plans were never meant to come to life and were at some point replaced by illusions I was nurturing regarding Latvian market in my fashion graduate mind... wait for that as I don't remember saying it at all...

I'm super happy to be here now, in my little Eastern European city. Illusions faded giving way to clear vision while expectations were replaced with a lot of beautiful surprises. Yes, you got it just right, I entered this digital anniversary with a completely different state of mind. First of all, it's different to what I had on my mind a year ago when held a similar, festive-like, speech. Things have changed drastically over this past year that is the best indicator nothing stands still. A lot of beautiful people, a lot of beautiful minds have I met over this time, primarily, due to Practical Queen AP. People who share the views I express, and have not yet managed to express, and most importantly people who truly inspire me to evolve in all different ways. 

I know I might be spending hours now speaking about these 5 years or past year in particular, but I just don't feel like that at the moment. I don't feel like wrapping it all up. So I prefer to leave this chapter or discussion open for now, until perfect timing steps in, so to say. In turn I would like to serve a couple of words regarding my most beloved item of the moment - a vintage denim jacket with customized initials created by my dearest Victoria. Being fully honest, the result exceeded all my expectations. This jacket has already won the title 'my summer IT piece'. Oh and how can I escape mentioning Maybelline New York beauty pieces I was gifted while at Riga Fashion Week? Have to admit the Master Contour contouring pencil and Color Sensational lipstick are now two of my make-up favorites. So, yes, been celebrating the 5th anniversary of my digital girl in a pretty good fashion/beauty company. And as I love saying... wait wait... the best is yet to come.

Bambi_Vi customized denim jacket 
CHOIES body suit 
H&M pants 
Aldo heels 
Jenny Fairy backpack 
CHOIES shades 

Maybelline New York Master Contour 

Photo: T. Egorova