You must follow the wind... 

Summer is getting closer day by day and lengths are getting shorter centimeter by centimeter. Figuratively speaking, of course. My hair is far not the only thing that seem to reduce its length recently. As I said above, summer is getting closer and by this I mean warmer days and much more pleasant winds that finally allow us to somehow abandon maxi lengths in terms of bottoms. It also allows us to show a bit of belly, or those six-pack abs some of us, ladies, been working quite hard on. So it's all about cutting those lengths off and showing, at least, slightest parts of body. Right?

And before we move on to discussing this very outfit combination of today, let me drop few words on coincidence topic. You know, I find it funny and interesting at the same time when coincidences happen to take place. I mean when something happens, enters your life almost straight after (well, soon or later) you thought of it or discussed it with a friend. So a month or two ago I was out and about in one of our local shopping centers with a friend of mine and suddenly we found ourselves talking about khaki color and deeper shades of green, she apparently is nearly crazy about. My personal argument was yet more against those shades as I could not clearly see myself wearing it. What I could see myself in and was looking for already back then was a light bomber jacket. To cut a long story short... what a coincidence was it just few weeks later when this bomber in deep green from CNDirect arrived at my door.

Speaking directly of this other version of a modern rebel with 90's twist, I can't deny the fact it was built upon contrasts where this boy-ish badass meets a high school girl. Wasn't expecting to put the girl side of the outfit this way, but I guess that's what was brought by a combination of skirt and a backpack I did upgrade myself with some good old pins I brought from Brighton like centuries ago. A good idea to refresh a classy backpack that seem to get boring with time, just in case. While TAADA.AADA temporary tattoos remain a perfect way to upgrade own skin, again just in case. So the actual moral of it all, shorter lengths, deep green and 90'ies still rock current state of mind.

Look of the Day:
Triangle skirt |
Converse shoes |
Jenny Fairy backpack |

Photo: T. Egorova