The black. The cream. The blue. 

You know I like what I'm doing, be it directly blogging, fashion journalism or any other form of my fashion business background, primarily for a chance to discover something new yet unknown to me personally, like a product or a brand, or service or a store and so on. Such fashion findings, I bet we can call it this way as well, prove I don't know everything about fashion just yet which is good as there's still a whole big fashion-room to be researched so to say. So far 2016 has been filled with a lot of new discoveries, one of which is a Ukraine-based womanswear brand Sl_Ira.

Let's talk step by step and start over with the brand itself that has so far managed to enter 5 countries including Latvia. Sl_Ira is headed by Ira Slonevskaya, a young, beautiful an enterprising young lady. In my own opinion, such a combination of beautiful and enterprising is more than bombastic for a woman. Literally, it's a jackpot. And Ira won it. Well, she's not the only one. But let's stick back to the brand as I would like to drop few, or more, words over the concept of Sl_Ira. By the way, have you noticed the name-game between the founder and the label? You got my point. What I find to be the most important within this brand is relevance of every single piece - a dress, a skirt, a jacket... And by relevance here I mean styles, shapes, even colors and fabrics that can be spotted now in the streets of a city. And I bet that's where Slonevskaya draws inspiration from - from ladies all around.

Speaking of my own experience, or put it still personal discovery, of Sl_Ira brand, it all happened due to the opening of brand's Riga-based showroom that, in turn, is run by Nataly (another female example of a beauty-enterprise bombastic combination). Not only she runs it, but also decides what products will be stocked in Latvia. Have to say that local stock is pretty much varied, typical of Sl_Ira itself, and stretches all the way from casual, simple pieces to something more party and evening occasions appropriate to super practical pieces that work 24/7. Just like this elongated vest in three colors. Think about it, the vest can easily be worn both to work throughout the day and for a late meeting with friends. When it comes to my styling idea, I wanted to build a Riga-much outfit - creative yet with unusual twist. That's why a hat and masculine shoes came into action.

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Photo: T. Egorova